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All you need to know about Telemarketing system, Telemarketing sales, Telemarketing Leads, Telemarketing Lists, and the world of phone sales to sell like crazy over the phone these days, when Israel entered in Lebanon.

U.S. stocks extended losses on Thursday, with all three major indexes down more than 1 percent, as violence in the Middle East helped to catapult the oil price to a record, reviving investors' fears of higher inflation and slowing profit growth.
The Israeli army said a rocket fired by Lebanese armed group Hizbollah hit Israel's third-largest city. Hizbollah denied firing a rocket at Haifa.

Oil has surged to a record high above $US76 a barrel.

Considering that
Oil was below $US20 in January 2002 and is up 25 percent in New York in 2006 alone because of supply cuts in Nigeria, the dispute over Iran's nuclear work and a flow of investment money into commodities. North Korea's missile tests have added to global tensions.
you have now a GREAT oportunity to make money over the phone.

Israel said their blockade over Lebanon is on long term experts in the market expects that oil price rise again. Is the time for you as a telemarketer to pick up the phone and do that sale. Oil price raising involves a lot of other commodities price now is the time to BUY.

Wanna bet :
U.S. crude inventories slid 6 million barrels last week. U.S. motorists bought 1.7 percent more fuel in the past four weeks compared with a year ago. The data included the Independence Day holiday weekend when annual gasoline demand peaks.

This is a crucial time if you work in telemarketing system. Now you can make a lot of money if you tell your clients this great news: Oil Price is goilng UP ..and will go further. It's time to buy gentlemen.

Let's do tht money.

"As of July 11, 2006," read the note sent to many people these days by a consumer watchdog Web site, "ALL cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls."

The note warned readers to put their cell numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, which aims to protect consumers from telephone marketing and is managed by the Federal Trade Commission.

Concerned that millions of phone numbers would be sent to ruthless telemarketers, Jackson forwarded the e-mail to more than 20 others.

Thus an urban legend was perpetuated.

Since late 2004, variations of the same e-mail have spread through cyberspace, but wireless providers say they have no plans to release cell-phone numbers to telemarketers.

Rochelle Cohen, a spokeswoman for Cingular, said the urban legend could stem in part from a misunderstanding of the wireless 411 service that the wireless industry was studying.

"The wireless 411 service does not exist at this time," Cohen said. "The service being explored would simply provide wireless customers with the option of making their phone number available to directory- assistance callers."

Even if such a directory were created, calls from telemarketers would not start rushing in, said Rosemary Kimball, a spokeswoman for the Federal Communications Commission.

Most telemarketers use "autodialers," which are prohibited under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act from being used to call "wireless services, and any other numbers for which the consumer is charged for the call."

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