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There are two major obstacles in telemarketing selling . The first obstacle is the customer’s fear of making a mistake. The second major obstacle in telemarketing system selling is the salesperson’s fear of rejection. Until a salesperson develops confidence, a high self-concept and sufficient resilience to bounce back from inevitable rejection, he cannot sell successfully. All outstanding salespersons have reached the point where they no longer fear rejection. Sales are usually based on friendship. People will not buy from you until they are genuinely convinced that you are their friend and are acting in their best interest.

The most important thing we have to understand in the world of telemarketing system selling is that nothing happens until the sale takes place. The most successful organizations in the world have superb selling organizations. They rise or fall on the quality of their sales effort. We can be proud to be salespeople because it is upon our efforts that the whole economy floats. There is no limit to where we can go in this profession if we are properly trained and skilled in selling.

In selling, and telemarketing selling the 80-20 rule, prevails. According to the 80-20 rule, 80 percent of sales are made by 20 percent of the salespeople. Once you get into the top 20 percent, you don’t have to worry about money or employment again. Your job is to get into the top 20 percent and then into the top 4 percent. In the top 4 percent, you become one of the highest paid
people in the world.

There is a direct relationship between your level of self-esteem and how well you get along with different people. The best salespeople have a natural ability to make friends easily with perspective customers. A key element in selling is enthusiasm. A sale is a transfer of your enthusiasm about the product or service into the mind and heart of the other person.

The reason so many people fail in sales is that they do not stay with it long enough to get those first few winning experiences that raise their self-esteem and self-concept and set them off on a successful career in telemarketing selling. That’s why it’s so important that from the very
beginning you say to yourself that nothing is going to stop you until you are successful.

Selling is an inner game. That is, what is going on inside the mind of the salesperson makes all the
difference in his success. We know there is a direct relationship between a salesperson’s self-concept and his sales performance and effectiveness. We feel uncomfortable if we don’t act in accordance with our self-concept. We will never earn much more or much less than our self-concept level of income. Our job is to raise this self-concept level of income.

Here is another example from Mitnik's Book of what you can do with only good telemarketing skills and a phone

We like to think that government agencies with files on us keep the information safely locked away from people without an authentic need to know. The reality is that even the federal government isn't as immune to penetration as we would like to imagine.

May Linn’s Phone Call
Place: A regional office of the Social Security Administration

Time: 10:18 A.M., Thursday morning

“- Mod Three. This is May Linn Wang.” The voice on the other end of the phone sounded apologetic, almost timid.
“- Ms. Wang, this is Arthur Arondale, in the Office of the Inspector General. Can I call you ‘May’?”
“- It's ‘May Linn’,” she said.
“- Well, it's like this, May Linn. We've got a new guy in here who there's no computer for yet, and right now he's got a priority project and he's using mine. We're the government of the United States, for cryin' out loud, and they say they don't have enough money in the budget to buy a computer for this guy to use. And now my boss thinks I'm falling behind and doesn't want
to hear any excuses, you know?”
“- I know what you mean, all right.”
“- Can you help me with a quick inquiry on MCS?” he asked, using the name of the computer system for looking up taxpayer information.
“- Sure, what'cha need?” “The first thing I need you to do is an alphadent on Joseph Johnson, DOB 7/4/69.” (Alphadent means to have the computer search for an account alphabetically by taxpayer name, further identified by date of birth.) After a brief pause, she asked:
“- What do you need to know?”
“- What's his account number?” he said, using the insider's shorthand for the social security number. She read it off.
“- Okay, I need you to do a numident on that account number,” the caller said. That was a request for her to read off the basic taxpayer data, and May Linn responded by giving the taxpayer's place of birth, mother's maiden name, and father's name. The caller listened patiently while she also gave him the month and year the card was issued, and the district office it was issued by. He next asked for a DEQY. (Pronounced “DECK-wee,” it's short for “detailed earnings query.”)

The DEQY request brought the response, “For what year?” The caller replied, “Year 2001.”
May Linn said, “The amount was $190,286, the payer was Johnson MicroTech.”
“- Any other wages?”
“- No.”
“- Thanks,” he said. “You've been very kind.”
Then he tried to arrange to call her whenever he needed information and couldn't get to his computer, again using the favorite trick of social engineers of always trying to establish a connection so that he can keep going back to the same person, avoiding the nuisance of having to find a new mark each time.
“- Not next week,” she told him, because she was going to Kentucky for her sister's wedding.” Any other time, she'd do whatever she could. When she put the phone down, May Linn felt good that she had been able to offer a little help to a fellow unappreciated public servant.

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